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Botox Injections


Are Botox or Dermal Injections unsafe?

While most commonly known as wrinkle treatment, botox and dermal injections have been available in Canada for over 22 years for the effective treatment of a range of medical conditions and 10 years for aesthetic use. They have a well established safety record and is one of the most widely reasearched medicines in the world.
An estimated 29 million treatment sessions have been performed worldwide over the past 20 years.

Will I lose my facial expressions?

The treatments are intended to enhance the way you look, not change it. When administered by an experienced physician, the treatment is designed to produce a more natural and relaxed appearance. Treatment only relaxes muscles beneath the lines at the point of injection, so the other elements of facial expression remain active.

Will these injections cause botulism? (food poisoning)

No, it is a purified protein and a finished medical prescription product with a known or proven safety profile obtained through extensive research and testing.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is quick and simple. A very fine needle and small amount of liquid is used so the pain associated with the injection is minimal.

Is the treatment expensive?

The cost of the treatment varies depending on the amount of product needed to achieve optimal results and the areas of the face that are being treated.

Are there creams that are better and safer to use than this treatment?

There is no scientific evidence that creams work better. Creams work well on the surface of the skin, however the treatment works below the surface of the skin to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles.

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